Specialty Services & Products
These are specialty products and services that target specific pests or plants on your property.
  • Caterpillar Control: For all of your tree & shrubs.
  • Mosquito Control: For all mosquitos carrying health related diseases including West Nile & Zika Virus.
  • Mosquito Larvae Control: Great for any standing water on your property Including fish ponds and it’s safe for Fish!
  • Damminix Non-Spray Tick Control: For customers that would like a non-spray tick control alternative.
  • Termite Control: Year round termite control from system installation to year round termite control maintenance.
  • Animal Repellents: For the control of deer, geese, and other animals that feed on your plants.
  • Mole & Vole Control: For those animals that feed or the root systems of your lawn in search of grubs, sod web worms, and chinch bugs.
  • Poison Ivy Control: For poison ivy as well as poison oak and sumac that may appear on your property.
  • Disease Control: Specialized products to control diseases that appear on your sensitive ornamental plants and lawn.
  • In-Ground Nutrient Control: Deep root fertilization for your flowering plants and ornamental shrubs for long term nutrient control.
  • Granular Systemic Insect Control: For insects that attack your trees & shrubs from the root system. Insects like Borers or Leafminers.
  • Digger Wasp & Carpenter Bee Control: Specialty treatments to kill burrowing mud wasp & Carpenter Bees which drill holes in your eaves and lay their eggs.